It was just when I entered the spaceship that I realized: there's no turning back. All my friends and family would be million miles away from me for a long time. My first days were awful. Trying to get used to zero gravity isn't an easy thing, even with all the training we have on the simulators.
However, it has been three months now since that first day and it's the first time I could feel something like happiness. My fellow astronauts and I decided to get out of the spaceship for one hour or so, to enjoy the feeling of flying. We just put on our suits and went out.
After a few minutes relaxing and looking at the dark universe around us, we suddenly saw something approaching. We couldn't really tell what it was, but it surely was on fire. One of my friends went into the spaceship to see what was going on. When he came back, he told us to stay where we were, since we were about to witness something extraordinary.
We watched it pass, truly amazed by the bright light and the beauty of the shining little sparks it left behind. The stars made it's passage even more perfect. I'll never forget what I saw that day. During the year we spent in our mission, this was the most remarkable and truly perfect moment I've lived. It was 9th February 1986 and I've seen Halley's Comet pass by.

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